RoboCop Remake Gets Fan Service Out of the Way Early in Viral Video

Paul Verhoeven and Ed Neumeier's dystopian action-adventure flick RoboCop (which I was too young to realize was a satire upon release) rolled off the assembly line before viral videos had been invented. Just imagine if these. . .marginally clever distractions had existed back in 1987. Heck, I'm sure we'd all be offering bids on lots in Delta City “for a dollar!”

The forthcoming remake of RoboCop (here you can take a pause to sigh, wonder why you are surprised that there's a RoboCop remake coming, then continue on) launched its fake corporate site recently, hawking the wares from Omni Corp. Omni Corp – called Omni Consumer Products in the original – is the privatized company contracted with cleaning up the streets of Detroit using whatever bloody, brutal means necessary.

RoboCop's most famous scene is the presentation of the robot ED-209 in the OCP board room, wherein a computer glitch makes swiss cheese out of a poor schnook named Mr. Kinney. The producers of the new RoboCop, who'd've had nerds with pitchforks at the studio gate if ED-209 wasn't in the pic, have included a version in the new continuity and are wisely revealing him now so we won't have to sit and wonder when it will happen during the film. (Oh, if only Rise of the Planet of the Apes had thought of this before Draco Malfoy nearly gaffed-up the film with is “madhouse” and “damned dirty” line readings.)

The design of the new ED-209 looks like a sleeker, pointier version of the original – like ED Senior mated with a Lamborghini. The video itself is on par with what we have come to expect from fanboy movies' viral vids, but only teases what RoboCop himself will look like. All said, whoever came up with the line “we've got the future under control” definitely earned their pay that day.

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