LISTEN: Tina Fey Raps With Childish Gambino

Tina Fey Rap"We droppin' racks at Nordstrom, son - that's racks on racks, you feel me?" And with that, comedian/actress/writer/funny lady Tina Fey hardcore raps her way into my heart forever. Listen to her guest verse on Childish Gambino's (AKA Community's Donald Glover, who's written for 30 Rock and popped up in a few episodes) track "Real Estate," from his new album Royalty.

So where's your rap single, Adam Carolla?? (If one actually exists, please don't tell me.)



  • Lisa says:

    This is the best thing ever.

  • says:

    That is terrible, only somebody with a terrible sense of humor would like that. And this is coming from someone who likes Tina Fey.
    Unfortunately, Adam Carolla is much funnier.

  • Billye Moye says:

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  • Oh wow! You sure got Adam there, what a sick burn. You're a flippin comedic genius.

  • SkillsMatter says:

    This s**t is wack, son. Dude really needs to learn his craft.