Naomi Watts as Princess Diana: First Look at Biopic Caught in Flight

Having replaced one-time star Jessica Chastain in the Princess Diana biopic Caught in Flight, Naomi Watts was photographed on the set of the now-filming project, and the resemblance is... uncanny. Maybe it's just the layered period blonde perm or the boxy sensible suit 'n' tights, but Watts looks to have slid quite fittingly into the skin of the late Princess of Wales, who embarks on a torrid love affair with Pakistani-born heart surgeon Dr. Hasnat Khan (played by LOST's Naveen Andrews) in the '90s-set drama.

Naomi Watts Princess Diana

The film (directed by Downfall's Oliver Hirshbiegel) depicts Princess Di and Khan's secret two-year relationship, which ended just months before her tragic death in 1997. According to previous reports, Diana "is shown as a damaged person who stalks the doctor after he ends the affair." Fun. Can't wait!

[Daily Mail]


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  • Search Amazon for "Princess Diana The Day She Didn't Die."

    A novel that is getting some great reviews and no doubt the next big film after this one

  • Sheraton Kalouria says:

    Um, for an "uncanny" resemblance, try Tina Brown!

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    It's not a very flattering photo.

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