Lindsay Lohan Puts Gun To Her Head in Terry Richardson Photo Shoot

Lindsay Lohan - gun - photos - Terry Richardson

This week in ill-advised moves by would-be comeback starlet Lindsay Lohan: A photo shoot with skeeze-photography specialist Terry Richardson in which Lohan plays with what appears to be a real gun, putting it to her head and even in her mouth. Fun!

Richardson, who of late has cornered the market on jiggly Kate Upton coverage, posted the Lohan photos to his Tumblr "Terry's Diary" today but has since apparently taken them down. Of course, this being the internet, nothing's ever deleted fast enough, or permanently. The photos that remain up feature Lohan in a sheer bra, which might be headline-making enough on their own if the gun pics weren't so much more disturbing (via Oh No They Didn't):

Lindsay Lohan Terry Richardson Shoot

Lindsay Lohan Terry Richardson Photos

Lindsay Lohan Photoshoot Gun

Terry Richardson Lindsay Lohan Photo Shoot

After making their way around the blogosphere, the pics have disappeared from Richardson's Tumblr, and for good reason; this is the last thing Lohan's team needs as they attempt to explain away her brush with paramedics the other week, and her car accident before that. It's unclear when these photos were taken, though the original post says they were taken at the Chateau Marmont. And what does it mean? Cavalier art shoot or red flag?

Meanwhile, Richardson's Tumblr features a bounty of titillating artsy-exploitative photos and videos of Upton, including the palate-cleansing, strategically-featured distraction GIF entitled "Kate Upton getting out of a pool." And for more fun with starlets, you can see basically all of Paz De La Huerta (NSFW) as photographed by Richardson.

[Terry's Diary, Oh No They Didn't]


  • Jim G says:

    I've often pictured her with something in her mouth, but it was never a gun or a cigarette. I'll have to wait a few more years.

  • Johnny Ringo says:

    Aside from that gun, she actually looks half-way normal.

  • Janet says:

    She has some judgement issues. She needs to get on her own team.

  • emanuel says:

    I wish she would blow her head off. She's a talentless piece of trash. She looks like a used up truckstop hooker and she's dancing on elizabeth taylor's grave. She will never be as beautiful and talented as Liz Taylor. NEVER!!!

    • Lisa Sheerin says:

      So? Come on she may never be as talented as Liz Taylor but come on she has got talent there's acctually no need to wish she killed herself because she matters just as much as everyone else!!!!

      • Frank says:

        I agree there is not need to wish she'd kill herself, and don't worry she's already killed her career so in a year or two she'll be as as old news as that Shannon whateverhernamewas girl from 90210.

  • Larry says:

    Please LL do it, shoot that gun!

  • monica says:

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  • myjestik says:

    the fact that people actually want to see lindsay (or anyone) dead kinda sickens me.

    • j'accuse! says:

      Forget it, Jake. It's the internet. Just look at the weird obsession they have with Aaron Sorkin employing a few phrases he likes the sound of (see stupid Deadline article accusing him of "Self-Plagiarizing"). To it's credit, movieline leaves contrary opinions up, unlike on their sibling site where Nurse Ratched tightens the screws on dissent from whatever bunker she's permanently hiding out in. least the Collyer brothers occasionally went out foraging for food or old newspapers. Anyway, the internet is deeply narcissistic, usually stupid, often cruel and only occasionally kind hearted (see the "Consider Uggie" campaign, that was excellent). should just quit. I'm thinking about it...

  • max says:

    Just about sums up her public image at the moment.

  • Dona Hyatt says:

    Of course, this being the internet, nothing's ever deleted fast enough, or permanently.

  • Suzy Mac says:

    As someone who witnessed my fiance shooting himself in the head in the exact fashion Lindsay Lohan chose to portray here, I cannot express vehemently enough how upsetting this photo is. Terry Richardson (the photographer) and Lindsey Lohan, was it worth the publicity to re-traumatize those of us who have experienced the consequences of suicide first hand?

    Perhaps, if you are willing, I could share with you what it was like to be picking brain-matter of my beloved out of my hair for two weeks, and how I kept the clothes that were stained with his blood for years afterwards. Sounds awful? Yes, it was...beyond anything you could possibly imagine. I since have helped other suicide survivors navigate through the grief process, one that is immeasurably more distressful when faced with mocking and pseudo-dramatization of the event. This is what you have done. We all want an apology.

  • Observer says:

    I feel for you and other suicide survivors, Suzy. I've lost friends to suicide too and I think this lady needs some serious help if not for narcissim then something much worse.

    This is what selfish attention seeking people are ignorant of; real people's real life situations.

    What a self serving ignorant little tart, this is all about her 'look at me' issues.
    She wants the world to be horrified, controversy sells and that's about the only talent she has. I'm horrified she would play Elizabeth Taylor who just oozed class.

    One day LL will be a washed up brunette version of Courtney Love or worse, matter of time.

  • Lisa Sheerin says:

    I understand why some people may not like her and i'm not a big fan either but come on there's no need to post comments saying shoot the gun and all that because, she has got talent but she just needs a bit of time to sort out her life and get back on track to being normal and try and get rid of all the stress

  • Heels Girl says:

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