Josh Olson Will Read Your F***ing Script, For $5,000

Over at the fantastic retro cinema celebration series that is Trailers From Hell!, Joe Dante is currently running a Kickstarter to back the next batch of webisodes, which feature Dante and his "Grindhouse Gurus" — Eli Roth, Guillermo Del Toro, and John Landis, among others — dissecting their favorite genre fare of olde. And while a top pledge will get you all sorts of one-of-a-kind rewards ranging from lunch with Dante to the arachnid jaw from Starship Troopers, one prize in particular offers an opportunity so rare, someone had better jump on it, fast: A script reading by screenwriter Josh Olson.

For $5,000 or more, an enterprising Kickstarter backer will get their script read and receive feedback from the History of Violence scribe who famously declared in the Village Voice editorial "I Will Not Read Your Fucking Script" that he — well, you know.

"For a better understanding as to why Josh reading your script is so remarkable, we refer you to his legendary rant in The Village Voice 'I Will Not Read Your #@$%^%! Script,' adds the Kickstarter page.

Only one such prize is available for claiming, so hop to it! The Kickstarter campaign has 26 days to go... and presumably if the goal is not met, the Olson offer is off the table.

Below, watch Olson's Trailers from Hell guest spot, in which he goes deep on The Conversation:

[Trailers from Hell Kickstarter]


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