Was Funny People 'Adam Sandler's Passion of the Christ?'

Cole Abaius over at Film School Rejects performs a post-mortem on Adam Sandler's increasingly inane recent output of comedies, as parodied brilliantly in Judd Apatow's Funny People (then subsequently embraced with stinkers like Jack and Jill — life imitating art imitating life?). "The most prominent George Simmons film in Funny People is a gem called Re-Do where an overworked lawyer is transmuted by magic into the body of an infant," Abaius observes. "By playing Simmons, Sandler was directly commenting on the hollow nature of a lot of his own work."

The George Simmons Conundrum has been the single most infuriating/perplexing factor in Sandler-watching in the past few years. Clearly he was self-aware enough to recognize and mock his own image and career dependence on stupid high-concept comedies, rather perfectly addressed in the underrated Funny People. So why continued the streak of Razzie-worthy crapfests? For the mainstream money? To meet perceived audience expectations? Because it's easy*?

* We have a winner.

[Film School Rejects]


  • Trace Murray says:

    It could be that he makes movies that are true to his instincts as an artist, which don't stray toward snarky meta-humor.

  • Mike says:

    This is not at all a comment on Sandler's films... the only movies that are shown in Funny People are this and "Mer-Man." If anything it is a comment on family films lowering all quality to meet expectations. Sandler has never done a movie like Re-Do or Mer-Man.

    And even if it were mocking Sandler's career... Sandler didn't write it and had no creative input.

    But, knowing the background of this film, the critics obviously have not done their research as Apatow has stated time and time again that every aspect of this movie is a reflection of HIMSELF at various stages in his life, also a manifestation of his inner fears.

  • j'accuse! says:

    Jen, w/ all due respect, I rather reckon Funny People was 'Adam Sandler's 8 1/2.'

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  • Jimmy Mahoney says:

    Adam Sandler explains in his own words why he makes so many bad movies.

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