Oliver Stone Lights Up for Some Good Ole High Times

Oliver Stone High TimesHIGH Times has been a purveyor of - well - high times for years now and it's high time, apparently, that one high-profile fan of the illegal-ish botanic blazon its cover with his famous image. Oliver Stone will grace the cover of the magazine in the August 2012 issue, just in time for the magazine's new editor-in-chief to settle in at his new post - quite a coup!

Always the classy guy, stone takes a toke dressed in his red carpet best tux and shares with HIGH Tmes about his new film Savages while also taking a dig at American foreign intervention and the ongoing global drug war. And the three-time Oscar winner is quite frank about his penchant for marijuana and tends to go for local product. "Certainly if you appreciate California weed, which I have for many years, you’ll realize that we’re somewhat close to the money when we say that, California has surpassed Thailand, Jamaica, South Sudan, and certainly Mexico as the king and queen of quality weed," said Stone. He also joked - or maybe not? - that he might get into agriculture himself. " I’m thinking myself of getting into the business, although I suspect there’d be a lot of stress with the Feds changing the rules all the time. Those bastards.”

Savages was a chance for Stone to re-connect to his inner rebel, he told HIGH Times. Said the publication's Chris Simunek: "We applaud Oliver Stone for showing the same sort of courage in his support for the marijuana cause that he's shown with so many other issues, past and present. HIGH Times has always championed the rebel with a cause, and when people of Mr. Stone's renown speak up -- and smoke up -- in the public sector, it exposes one more chink in the armor of idiocy that protects the status quo."

[Source: HIGH Times]

And what do you think of Stone's HIGH Times cover shot?