David Lynch's Blue Velvet: Watch Nearly an Hour of Deleted Scenes

Blue Velvet deleted scenes

David Lynchians, clear your schedule: You'll want to spend the next hour or so indulging in these 50 minutes of deleted scenes unearthed from Lynch's surreal 1986 noir Blue Velvet. Order a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon longnecks and raise a toast, as Jeffrey Beaumont might: "Here's to an interesting experience!"

Thanks to the folks at Dangerous Minds, the collection of deleted scenes from Blue Velvet's Blu-ray release is viewable online and below. Enjoy, and hash it out: Would re-inserting these 50 minutes make for a better cut, or is Lynch's theatrical version the better for leaving them on the cutting room floor?

[Dangerous Minds via Paste Magazine]


  • The Guy says:

    Sorry to say, but most of the scenes were rightfully cut out in my opinion. The only one I would have left in was the pool room scene with Frank.

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