Rock of Ages: The No Biggie Kiss Between Alec Baldwin & Russell Brand

Russell Brand Alec Baldwin KissIt's going on seven years since Brokeback Mountain brought cowboys and leading men out of the closet - even if they weren't exactly gay. But still, man on man snogging sessions still make some headlines as was the case recently with 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin and actor Russell Brand who share make-out time in the forthcoming Rock of Ages.

THR caught up with Baldwin following the film's Hollywood premiere. The two actors' characters spell out their love for each other via the REO Speedwagon song "Can't Fight This Feeling" and top it all off with a smooch.

"It’s not like Brokeback Mountain, it’s not two leading men who you are used to getting down with some gorgeous young girl,” Baldwin told THR. “It’s a little more chaste because I’m older (than Brand).” So perhaps Baldwin is brandishing the cougar-equivalent for the male-set? Baldwin of course didn't think it was a big deal (and hey, is it really? Glamsters have been making out for decades haven't they?)

"We live in an age, and I’m being imprecise here, where half the country gets it, and the other half doesn’t,” noted Baldwin. “I live where men and women who want to get married—who gives a shit? No one gives it a thought. It’s like seeing women in power. Or like seeing African American CEOs. We’re in a fully realized age of equality in all things and it’s not surprising or new. But there is that other half for whom that is surprising and new.”

It should be noted that Baldwin is once again going to be a married man (to a woman just for the record) but no word on what the next Ms. Baldwin (if she takes his name by and by) thinks. Baldwin added that the U.S. still holds hang-ups over the gay thing compared to its fellow first-worlders across the pond where same-sex relationships are just part of the day to day. “America is still a place where people are fighting these culture wars."

[Source: THR]


  • forever1267 says:

    AB will always be an Alpha Bear, even with that haircut.

  • Jake says:

    As a side note... who exactly is this movie intended for? If you were actually a fan of the rock music in all the trailers, why would you want to hear it butchered by broadway style renditions of some of your favorite music? And if you are not a fan of that music, why would you go see a film about that music and that time?

    Then again... Glee. So, umm, yeah.


    P.S. It's funny that for all his leading man good looks and star power, Tom Cruise seems like such a fake rock star in the extended trailer for this film. It just goes to show that lead singers of those 70s and 80s rock groups truly have something magnetic about them that even a superstar like Tom Cruise can't fake.