First Official Image of Lindsay Lohan As Elizabeth Taylor in Liz & Dick

Yep, it's happening. A week and change after finding their Dick Burton among True Blood's werewolf population, Lindsay Lohan and the makers of Lifetime's Liz & Dick have released the first production image from the romance-biopic. And, well... it's kind of shockingly classy. If you squint, LiLo and Grant Bowler actually kinda sorta look like the iconic couple. Anyone else pleasantly surprised?

Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor

According to E!, who's documenting La Lohan's would-be comeback with the same aplomb as it did her shaky past few years, the still was shot last week while filming officially began today. Over to producer Larry Thompson for the oversharing update:

Thompson tells E! News that the first scenes were shot this morning starting around 9:30 AM and they were of Liz and Dick on a yacht (docked at Marina del Rey). He also reveals that the cast was in good spirits:

"A little first-day jitters for everyone, but it went well," he revealed, while adding that Lindsay was in a good mood as well.

I'm still getting over how much Lohan resembles Taylor, even at an angle and in profile and doused in heavy eye make-up. Then again, this is the very first day of filming, people. A little early to call this one -- the biopic is set to air on November 3 -- but ever so promising...

[via Deadline]