Extra Sues Over Defective Men in Black 3 Costume

The latest in a string of big budget studio movie lawsuits has been lobbed at the makers of Men in Black 3, with extra Danika Gerner claiming that she was outfitted with a costume that led to her suffering "serious bodily injuries" during filming last May. The curious part: Reports give no clues as to just how Gerner's costume injured her, or which background character she played. More on the litigious wardrobe malfunction after the jump.

Per THR: "Gerner alleges that the costume department provided her with a costume in a 'defective and dangerous condition' and that the defendants were 'negligent in failing to take suitable precautions' for her safety."

Gerner claims her injuries still prevent her from working, which really makes me wonder - what kind of costume could put you out for over a year? My money's on an outfit from MIB3's 1969-set Warhol party, teeming with go-go dancing refugees from the Austin Powers movies. Or maybe...



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