The Joss Whedon/Roseanne Nexus

Joss Whedon - RoseanneStart your day with perhaps the closest read in the history of close reads: Joss Whedon's history as a writer for Roseanne: "Whedon really plants his pop culture flag, however, in House of Grown-ups with the arrival of a new, high-tech VCR. (Like the discussion about pornography, it’s a tangential detail that Whedon seems to enjoy more than the actual plot.) We get a fun run of Darlene wanting to rent 'Lethal Weapon 2, Jaws 3, and Nightmare on Elm Street 4,' John Goodman busts out an impressions of Dirty Harry, and Roseanne proclaims her love for Doctor Zhivago. And, for the ultimate Whedon touch, when nobody can agree on what to rent, what film finally unites everyone? Star Wars." [Splitsider]