Breaking Dawn - Part 2 Character Posters: Photoshop Forever

Breaking Dawn character posters

Come on, admit it: You are going to miss The Twilight Saga when it's over — especially the delectably, heavily airbrushed countenances of the films' Big Three stars, glowering out from an eternity of repackaged DVD/Blu-ray sets, Twilight fan cruises, B-action notoriety, story-driven nudity and whatever else awaits beyond the horizon. I know I am! Forever, indeed. That is a very long time. I can barely finish this post conveying the new Breaking Dawn - Part 2 character posters, it is all so wrenching.

OK, I'm finished. [via]

'Breaking Dawn Part 2' poster - Bella

'Breaking Dawn Part 2' poster - Edward

'Breaking Dawn Part 2' poster - Jacob