The Master Teaser: Joaquin Phoenix Menaces in First Glimpse at P.T. Anderson's Latest

Joaquin Phoenix in The Master

I hesitate to even post this video — part fever dream, part vaguely authorized marketing blip, yet utterly curiosity-stoking glimpse at what appears to be Paul Thomas Anderson's forthcoming The Master. Joaquin Phoenix, take it away.

The clip made its way to Twitter via YouTube just a little while ago. It was originally housed at the account "Al Rose Promotions" — an account named after the real estate man whom Daniel Plainview consults about the Bandy tract in There Will Be Blood — and linked out to, so there's definitely something there beyond Phoenix's machete-sharpening, beach-brawling, mechanically disposed grunt under interrogation by The Man. Suggestions welcome, but I'm inclined to take the mystery for now.