Is John Waters Hitchhiking His Way Across America?

John Waters hitchhikingThe members of indie rock outfit Here We Go Magic swear this isn't a publicity stunt, so let your disbelief ride on into the sunset: According to the Brooklyn-based band, they were traveling by van earlier this week in Ohio when a solo hitchhiker caught their eye -- a hitchhiker who turned out to be cult director John Waters.

Here We Go Magic welcomed the filmmaker into their van as they drove to a show; Waters spent six hours riding with them along Ohio's Route 70 before they parted ways, during which time various bandmates Tweeted the surreal experience. They asked him the questions one might ask when brought face to face with John Waters randomly on the side of the highway in the Midwest, like (paraphrasing here) "Why are you hitchhiking in Ohio?" And, of course, "Did Divine actually eat the poop?" (Bonus points for that one, guys.)

Waters, who has described his love of hitchhiking in the past and told the band he'd even thumbed rides with Patty Hearst, reportedly said he was coming from Baltimore. I just hope he turns this into fodder for a new book or -- dare I dream? -- a John Waters film.

"We were like, 'What on earth are you doing this for?'" Turner told DCist, following the experience. "He was like, 'I have a lot of control in my life and I just wanted to let go of the reins a little bit, have an adventure.'"

Is John Waters somehow hitching his way across America? Will he bring back hitchhiking in our age of fear of strangers and completely warranted general paranoia? Just how much hitchhiker sex can you get on the road, anyway? And has anyone seen him since Route 70?