Margaret Extended Cut Coming to DVD

Margaret Blu-rayGood news for anyone who couldn't get enough of Kenneth Lonergan's flawed, fearless, possibly cursed epic Margaret: The forthcoming DVD will feature a 186-minute cut — 36 minutes longer than the version all but buried last year by Fox Searchlight before a cadre of critical supporters rallied on its behalf. The not-so-good news, if high-definition transfers of talky moral dramas are of particular importance to you: The 150-minute version will reportedly be the only one available on Blu-ray when it goes on sale July 10. But hey. We take what we can get in this world. [Amazon]


  • David says:

    I read the press release from Fox, which says "...the two-disc Blu-ray set includes the theatrical version as well as a bonus DVD featuring the never-before-seen extended cut."

    It doesn't say the Blu-Ray won't have the director's cut, it just says the DVD will have the extended cut, so it could mean that the Blu-Ray will have both and only the extended cut will be on the DVD.

    At least, I hope it turns out that way.