Terrence Malick's Latest Retitled To the Wonder

To the Wonder - Terrence MalickThe previously untitled, Ben Affleck/Rachel McAdams-starring project due later this year has also received an R rating for "some sexuality and nudity." Ugh. This calls for a petition! Meanwhile the film still awaits an official release date; stay tuned here for details as events warrant. [CARA via Film Stage]


  • John says:

    Is this a sign that it's actually done? They wouldn't submit for a rating if there are substantial changes still to be made, right?

    • S.T. VanAirsdale says:

      I think the only unequivocal sign that a Malick film is done is when it has opened theatrically. I picture him cutting, tweaking, revising, rewriting everything until the prints ship.

  • Alex Flores says:

    This is Lost In Translation all over again. Same rating for same reason. On the bright side, this hopefully means McAdams nudity. 😀

  • DWG says:

    Since this IS Malick, too bad the MPAA doesn't take into account the 30+ extraneous minutes of nature that counterbalance the 20 seconds of nudity; or the fact that half the audience will either have departed the theatre or be asleep by then.