Anyone Wanna Buy Natalie Wood's Mercedes?

Natalie Wood's MercedesNo, not that one — the other one: "This distinguished 250SL has a very desirable option package that includes ZF four-speed automatic transmission with floor shift, air conditioning, power steering, removable hardtop and a hidden soft top. [...] The 250SL is the rarest of the W113-bodied cars, having been built only in 1967 and 1968. Its predecessor, the 230SL, was vastly improved upon in this model, while the last of the W113 cars, the 280SL, had a slightly larger engine and improved steering. This was one of the most popular cars that Mercedes-Benz ever built, and is extremely popular with collectors. The fantastic Natalie Wood lineage makes this 250SL all the more desirable. It is expected to fetch $30,000 - $50,000." What a steal! Cheaper than a Willy Wonka costume, anyway. [Profiles in History]