Movies vs. Cable TV: Who Does Childbirth Better?

What to Expect When You're Expecting

"[C]ompare the breaking-water scenes in What to Expect and Showtime's Shameless. In the former, when a character's husband steps in a puddle in the hospital, she responds, 'That's my water, you idiot!' In the latter, a young woman in labor unleashes a string of curses before wondering whether she just urinated on herself. True to that spirit, the Shameless birth scene leaves nothing to the imagination, and the show's props workers devised what co-executive producer Mark Mylod calls a 'prosthetic rig' to simulate crowning: 'It was almost like part of a small tennis ball, really.' [...] 'There wasn't any debate,' Mr. Mylod says. 'It just seemed the obvious thing to do, just because of the whole tenor and tone of our particular show and the liberating circumstances of being on pay cable. If we want to do that, we can do that.'" Now you know. [WSJ]