Johnny Depp's Dark Shadows 'Torture'

Johnny Depp and Tim Burton have crossed the celluloid path on eight films over a little more than two decades. But apparently that long collaboration is not without a little pain. And apparently this time it was all about the... nails?

Depp donned prosthetic fingernails to play his Dark Shadows character Barnabas, who is thrust into the '70s after he's accidentally freed from his coffin. The actor explained: “In every film that I’ve been lucky enough to do with Tim, there’s always some form of torture. The nails were Tim’s idea.” He noted that using the restroom was particularly difficult, saying he "had a troop of people who would help me go to the bathroom." Yikes! Still, it sounds safer than Edward Scissorhands.



  • First to say it. says:

    From the looks of the trailer, this will also be the title of the eventual Movieline review.

  • Megan says:

    Haaaha, I was thinking the exact same thing. At first, I thought it WAS the film review.
    PS-how many people were vying to help Johnny use the washroom?

  • Max Renn says:

    I'm guessing it wasn't torture for those willing to handle Johnny's cock.

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