Brad Pitt's Perfume Push, Nicolas Cage's New Gig, John Carter Lives: Biz Break

A slew of new projects for various directors and stars were unveiled today, including new work for Nicolas Cage, Juno Temple and Nick Cassavetes. Meanwhile, Brad Pitt is apparently signing on to push a high-end women's perfume. Read on for more in Tuesday afternoon's Biz Break.

Focus Features Accepting Entries for 5th Africa First Program
The initiative, with funds earmarked exclusively for emerging filmmakers of African nationality and residence, is for the fifth consecutive year offering eligible and participating filmmakers the chance to be awarded $10,000 in financing for pre-production, production, and/or post-production on their narrative short film made in continental Africa and tapping into the resources of the film industry there. Entries accepted May 14 - August 20.

Around the 'net...

Brad Pitt is the New Face of Chanel No. 5
Go figure, but Brad Pitt is now hawking women's perfume. But as E! Online points out, "If ever there was a man pretty enough to render that particular point moot, it's Brad Pitt." A source tells the site he will be shooting his ads for the perfume soon in London.

Nicolas Cage, Juno Temple & Johnny Knoxville Walk to Wild Side
The road trip drama will be directed by Jesse Baget from a script he co-wrote with Stefania Moscato, Deadline reports.

Avengers Breathes Life into John Carter
John Carter zoomed up the domestic box office office chart from No. 38 the week before to No. 12 - thanks to being paired with The Avengers at more than 150 drive-ins across the country, THR reports.

Career Watch: Scarlett Johansson, Beyond the Black Bodysuit
Thanks to The Avengers, attention is back on Johansson the kick-ass action babe rather than Johansson the nude-photo-hacking-scandal babe. But is Black Widow the best Johansson can do? Thompson on Hollywood looks at the star's trajectory.

Nick Cassavetes to Direct Kristen Stewart's Cali
Voltage Prods. and New School Media are producing the gritty action pic from a script by Michael Diliberti. The story revolves around a San Fernando Valley couple who sell a "fake snuff film and ride off with a bundle of cash." Years later, the girl (Stewart) must "return from the dead" to save the younger sister she left behind, Variety reports.

Richard Regen to Adapt A Matter of Honor for Kennedy/Marshall
Richard Regen has been set by Kennedy/Marshall and New Franchise Media to adapt A Matter Of Honor, the bestselling novel by Jeffrey Archer. The story revolves around a disgraced army colonel who gives a mysterious letter to his only son. After the envelope is opened, a deadly chain of events unfold that have global implications. Deadline reports.


  • SallyinChicago says:

    If Brad Pitt is hawking perfume, the kids must be costing a whole lot of money.

  • Max Renn says:

    I wish Brad would shoot those perfume commercials as his Floyd character from True Romance.