First Position Clip: What's it Take to Be a Boy in Ballet? [Exclusive]

First Position documentary

After an award-winning festival run, the ballet-competition documentary First Position opens today in limited release via IFC Films and Sundance Selects. (It debuts May 15 on VOD.) Director Bess Kargman's film chronicles six young dancers' passionate pursuit of glory at the Youth America Grand Prix, trailing along as they (per the film's synopsis) "prepare for a chance to enter the world of professional ballet, struggling through bloodied feet, near exhaustion and debilitating injuries, all while navigating the drama of adolescence." Think Racing Dreams in pointe shoes, and you're on your way. Meanwhile, click through for an exclusive clip spotlighting another kind of dance-world complication: Being a boy in ballet.

Drop back by Movieline later today for Stephanie Zacharek's review of First Position, and learn more about the film at the IFC Films Web site.

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