Expendables 2 Trailer: Testosterrific!

Expendables 2 trailer

One good ammo-riddled torrent of multiplex marketing deserves another, right? Never mind. Ready or not, and on the heels of this afternoon's wild End of Watch spot, behold a new trailer for The Expendables 2. It's got more bullets than brain cells, and someone literally died in one of these explosions (or at least one like them), but who can argue with Arnold Schwarzengger quipping, "I'm back!" or Jason Statham issuing a smirking pronouncement of "man and knife"?

I'm pretty sure this is the first trailer to ever give viewers PTSD — and that's just after Sylvester Stallone's intro.



  • I really don't care what anyone says, I fucking love it! I think I'm actually more pumped now for this than Dark Knight. I just wants lots and lots of blood and disemboweling's. Bring it Sly!

    • Max Renn says:

      Then you'll have to wait for the unrated home video version. The theatrical version is PG-13.

      And the first one sucked.

      • You're actually wrong on both accounts. While initially Chuck Norris said it would be PG-13 because he didn't like foul language, Sly stepped in and reassured everyone that it would, in fact, be R.

        The first one was awesome.

  • 2+2=5 says:

    After I see this movie my life will become empty and without meaning.