The Man Who Makes Mulholland Dr. Funny

Justin Theroux in Mulholland Drive

No, not the Cowboy (though OK, him, too): "[S]ave for a darkly funny murder that wouldn’t feel out of place in a seedier Coen Brothers’ film, most of the Mulholland Dr.'s humor comes from one character: Adam Kesher, a hotshot Hollywood director. [...] Justin Theroux plays Kesher with a brash confidence that begs for comeuppance. This character allows for the film to take on the aforementioned negative aspects of Hollywood with a smile; while it pains the audience to see the innocent protagonist Betty Elms (Naomi Watts) put through the ringer, it’s far more delightful to watch the arrogant Kesher undergo similar abuse. Los Angeles remains a terrible place throughout the film, but when the less sympathetic Kesher takes the spotlight, Mulholland Dr. transforms from a dark drama into a dark comedy." [Splitsider]