Avengers Spoilers: Stay Through the End Credits

Avengers fans, fear not! You'll find no spoilers for this Friday's big tentpole herein. Just know this: You're going to want to stay through the end credits for the expected post-credits bonus scenes that Marvel Studios are known to slide into their films, because The Avengers reportedly contains not one, but two of 'em. Looks like Robert Downey Jr. wasn't lying about filming the day after the premiere! (Wait, does that mean Joss led us all astray?) Oh, fine. If you can't stand the not knowing, bang it here for details. [@thefilmcynic, SuperheroHype]


  • marko sipovac says:

    I can tell you right now after seeing the movie four times that there is only 1 scene within the credits not two

    • Gene says:

      Word is going around that a second scene has been added to the post-credits in addition to the one mid-credits for the domestic release. It's unknown if international prints will be updated with this scene.

  • marko sipovac says:

    Well there in Australia there is only the one scene right now not sure if it is the same anywhere else or if when it comes out in America with this second scene they might add it too the Australian "version"

  • dukeroberts says:

    There are two scenes. One is a mid-credits scene that features a certain villain. The second is after all of the credits have been shown and is a comical scene. It's possible that it was only made available for North American audiences.