Read the Winning 10-Word Review in Movieline's John Cusack Raven Premiere Contest

Movieline received many varied submissions in our John Cusack-themed 10-word review contest, inspired by films from Say Anything... to Grosse Pointe Blank to Bullets Over Broadway and beyond. "Alas!" quoth the raven. "There can only be one winner!" (That's how the old Edgar Allan Poe saying goes, right?) Hit the jump to read the winning submission and congratulate the lucky Movieliner that gets to attend the L.A. premiere of Cusack's The Raven next week.

Hearty kudos go to Movieline reader Jen Austin, whose 10-word review of 1997's action opus Con Air was truly inspired:

"After Cameron Crowe, before Poe, Cusack brilliantly rescued Cameron Poe."

Slow clap, Jen. Enjoy the Raven premiere and after party, and receive extra bonus high fives if you find Cusack and recite your poetic entry to him!