Jar Jar Binks Creator Atones By Envisioning Avengers as Dinosaurs

Okay, Terryl Whitlatch: We'll forgive you now for Jar Jar Binks. Take a gander at the neat-o sketches by the illustrator and Lucasfilm creature creator (who's responsible for concocting the most annoying character known to the Star Wars universe and maybe mankind) in which members of Marvel's The Avengers are re-envisioned... as dinosaurs. Why not?

Hulkasaurus! Captain Paramerica (Aka Parasaurolophus Rogers)! Kind of brilliant, if random. And yes, I'd pay to see a dino version of The Avengers in a heartbeat.

Get more dino-Avengers here.

[The Mary Sue via Gamma Squad]


  • Mr Unlucky says:

    Don't blame him. George Lucas asked for the character, George Lucas approved the character, George Lucas made and released the movie. George Lucas took all your money and never apologised... then again, why should he? You paid to see Jar-Jar and have your memories shat all over. Or rather, you paid to gain an adult reappraisal of a movie franchise meant for kids.

    And still cannot stop complaining about it.

    Every Star Wars fan ever needs to grow the fuck up.