Bollywood Beheading Bombshell: Actress Slain in Extortion Plot

Yikes: "Meenakshi Thapar, 26, who had appeared in the Indian horror film 404 last year, met [...] two aspiring actors who allegedly later killed her on the set of her latest film, Heroine. [...] According to police, her ‘fellow actors’ warned her mother they would force her daughter to take part in pornography films if their demands were not met. Her mother paid 60,000 Rupees [$1,152] into her daughter’s account for her kidnappers to withdraw, but she was allegedly killed soon after. She was strangled to death, beheaded, and her body was dumped at two different sites as her killers made their way back to Mumbai. Her torso was dumped in a water tank and her head thrown out of the bus window in a bag on the road to Mumbai." [Telegraph via THR]


  • Elga Nelly says:

    OMG! I can't believe it!

  • santosh says:

    i want to see that rotten head amit jaiswal who has put all our male people into shame. i want the law to allow to behead amit jaiswal head and present it to preeti surin for twp days...the time we come to know he is the criminal,we feel he shud not live longer...

  • Amitrajur says:

    The accused must be beheaded or should receive death punishment from the court...let us not make india poor let us make it strict so tat no other such crimes would happen in future...dear guys i request yo all to comment to pay death punishment to those accused... till it reaches the court...pls do it...let the soul of meenakshi thapar attain ultimate peace...lets pray fo her...