Twitter Loves The Avengers! [UPDATED: Follow the Press Conference with @Movieline!]

The Avengers premiered last night in Los Angeles, where luminaries, cognoscenti and unalloyed geeks took in the Marvel megaspectacle as one, big nerdy family. Afterward, with tweets permitted by Disney reps (and full reviews embargoed until the first week of May), many of those viewers took to Twitter to exhort director Joss Whedon, the nonstop action, the humor, the Hulk, and basically anything that wasn't the "worthless" 3-D. Read on for a brief round-up. [UPDATE 2:10 p.m. PDT: And starting now you can follow Jen Yamato's Avengers press conference livetweet over at @Movieline!]

Movieline's own Jen Yamato was there, and it was Renneriffic:

And what of the others, fans and press alike?

...and so on and so forth. Expect the fanboy equivalent of David Denby to snap the review embargo sometime in the days ahead, no doubt. Movieline's full review will run closer to The Avengers' May 4 release date. Stay tuned!

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  • corey says:

    Hate Cpt. America's outfit, why can't they make him like in the comic books? He looks totally misplaced in that costume compared to the others. Come on! Get him a real outfit! Even his shield is too small, it was a lot bigger in the comics. Laughed at him in the Captain America movie and I laugh at him now, what a disgrace.