See One Blockbuster Store's Sad, Final F--- You to Netflix

"Screw Netflix!!!!!!" "Don't be stupid!!!!!!" And with one final missive taped to the shelf between copies of Syriana and Shoot 'Em Up, another doomed Blockbuster store fell to the tyranny of Netflix's superior business model. Might as well screw Netflix with three months' free rental, eh Blockbuster loyalists? (What about those Redbox bastards, with their $1.20 rentals?) All is not lost, indeed.

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  • "Screw Netflix? Sorry, I don't swing that way. I also stay away from Redbox; don't know how many Slurpees or fully-
    rotated-all-day hotdogs have been leaned against the
    machine. (And why aren't Redboxes located at Pizza places?)

    Adios, Blockbuster! See you in Hell, right next to the pile
    of dead Betamax machines.

    • j'accuse! says:

      Dude, couldn't agree more on the Redbox thing. God only know how many stubby churro licking fingers have been all over that ish.

      Also, LOL to the dude below. KRIS is a KLINGON after all, so, he shows no mercy and takes no prisoners.

  • Keith A. says:

    My God, Kris The Klingon! Tell us you really feel! Seriously, they're alot of people upset by another Blockbuster closing down because of Netflix. Try to be somewhat sensitive to the situation, you crazed jerkwad!

    • Bobby Peru says:

      Be sensitive regarding the failure of greedy corporation that always had the worst selection of movies in America? You're kidding, right?

  • Jimmy Mahoney says:

    New federal law will make it legal to punch a-holes who take too long picking a movie at Redbox. Watch out Netflix.