Infamous Katherine Heigl-Tom Sizemore Bomb Zyzzyx Road to Be Resurrected This Summer

After making just $30 in its initial limited release theatrical run in 2006, Leo Grillo's indie noir Zyzzyx Road -- which starred an on-the-cusp Katherine Heigl and an in-decline Tom Sizemore and also managed to misspell the California desert locale it was named for, unless that was intentional -- will be released digitally this summer by the intrepid folks at GoDigital. "We love the story behind this film and are thrilled to be part of what we believe will be a happy ending, I am confident it will make us more than $30," said GoDigital Director of Marketing Barry Daffurn of the distribution coup. Ba-dum ching!

Oh, humor. What's not funny: Actually watching any part of Zyzzyx Road. Here's the trailer, see for yourself!

Every time you curse Heigl for making yet another inane chick flick, just remember: She's already paid her penance in advance.

Zyzzyx Road will be available digitally via GoDigital this summer.

[Press release]


  • Andy says:

    It was never intended for release in theatres though so its a bit of false representation. It was in 1 theatre unadvertised - and is really a made for DVD / Tv type movie. It is actually pretty decent.

  • Max Renn says:

    If Zyzzyx had been converted to 3D they could have doubled their money.

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