Carrie Stage Musical Dies Again

The off-Broadway musical adaptation of Stephen King's Carrie may have outlasted its 1988 stage predecessor by four times the stage run, but it died nonetheless last weekend -- two weeks early! The NYT has the post-mortem: "Several theater producers contacted recently said that Carrie, no matter how well acted and sung, presented far more than the usual share of difficulties, the most insurmountable being that nearly every character is dead at the end....Several reviewers complained about certain songs and a one-note blandness in the high school scenes, but the sharpest criticism was that Carrie had been de-camped to the point of dullness." Chloe Moretz, you're our last hope! [NYT via Movie City News]


  • John says:

    Cheese Louise!!! It IS an insurmountably difficult thing
    when you have everybody dead at the end of a show.
    But if Shakespeare can pull it off, why can't these CARRIE
    guys? THAT DARN HAMLET would make a great musical.

  • Victoria says:

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