Let's Name Every Easter-Themed Movie You Could Possibly Watch This Sunday

There's a movie for every special occasion/holiday, but when it comes to Easter you've got a lot of very, very different viewing options. Why go the traditional bunnies and kiddies route (a la Hop) or take a more pious tack (Passion of the Christ, anyone?) when there are so many other, less predictable ways to celebrate? I'll start with a few to whet your whistle as you dip into the chocolate basket this Sunday...

Easter Parade (1948)

Fred Astaire + Judy Garland + hats make Easter about winning that special guy/gal's heart and not about, you know, Jesus.


Critters 2: The Main Course (1988)

Those aren't Easter Eggs -- they're Critter eggs! Hunt carefully.


Mallrats (1995)

"You know what?? THERE IS NO EASTER BUNNY!" Thanks a lot, Kevin Smith.


Resurrection (1999)

"All the victims were 33 years old -- the same age as Christ when he died." This forgotten gem stars Christopher Lambert -- who also co-wrote the script! MAKE YOUR EASTER SUNDAY A HORROR EASTER SUNDAY!


Chocolat (2000)

Because Easter --> chocolate --> Chocolat! Mmm, chocolate. It's what Easter's all about, right?


Donnie Darko (2001)

Make it a double feature with 1950's Harvey (like the Aero's doing this weekend in Los Angeles) and you'll get enough freaky life-sized bunny action to last you until next year.

Got any other suggestions? Leave 'em below.