On the 'Most '90s Movie Soundtrack of All Time'

Here are 2,000 words devoted to the "most '90s movie soundtrack of all time," a phrase that doesn't even make sense but which we can no doubt all agree comes down to Until the End of the World. Glad that's settled! [EW]


  • Clay C says:


  • MartiniShark says:

    where does the new "The Avengers" soundtrack rank among these others?

  • SD says:

    The Avengers is certainly going to be a contender.

    Everyone on the site seems to have overlooked it but Dumb and Dumber had a pretty kick ass 90s soundtrack for a slapstick comedy; Crash Test Dummies, Echobelly, Dee-Lite and many more.

    Another is one of the few soundtracks I won: Hal Hartley's Amateur. Liz Phair, PJ Harvey, My Bloody Valentine...

    But I will pick Empire Records for my favourite. Mostly because that's the one that has bands whose music I still listen to: Toad the Wet Sprocket, Innocence Mission, Cranberries...