WATCH: People Like Us Trailer Gets Rich Quick

The new trailer for People Like Us (nee Welcome to People) is here, featuring Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks as siblings who meet only after their father dies. The inheritance/estrangement/salvation plot (and a vaguely incestuous vibe that the trailer mostly counteracts with a few key shots of Olivia Wilde as Pine's wife) thickens around the family, with Michelle Pfeiffer dropping in as Pine's mother, which is just as bizarre as I expected it would be. Overall, though? Screenwriter Alex Kurtzman's directorial debut looks all right!

If nothing else, at least the title is an improvement.

[via Moviefone]

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  • Patrick Hallstein / McEvoy-Halston says:

    Chris Pine look to do better when he isn't tasked with the responsibility of being urgent -- I liked him way better in Star Trek, precaptain, seeing where immature dalliance might take him. I think I might just have kept Spock captain, rather than slip naughty Kirk in while Spock's officiousness temporarily meant sidelining himself from his accustomed seat. In the '60s you could be a naughty John F and be president; now it means being as straight, serious, and burdened as Obama. Anyway, I'll see this film.

  • Synacks (@Synacks) says:

    Wow I like this. Mainly because he is one of my favorite actors and so are the other 2 actresses.