Charlie Sheen Admits to 'Cringeable' Behavior in 'Cringeable' Today Show Appearance

It's been about a year since Charlie Sheen made "Winning!" shorthand for "Crazypants!" -- so what better way to wipe the slate clean (and promote his new show) than by subjecting himself to Matt Lauer's laser-focused Today Show interview? Watch as Sheen not-so-deftly tries to laugh off real questions about his addiction and his public meltdown, makes a reference to heroin, and drops an ungodly number of jittery jokes to get through the longest seven-minute interview maybe ever.

"Is this where you thought you could get in a year?" "No, I thought it would take at least 13 months." *Rimshot*

[via The Today Show]


  • Dee says:

    Charlie Sheen looks like death warmed OVER. That dude is so HOPPED up on smack in that interview that it is UNBELIEVABLE. The bags under his eyes look like he's done an all-nighter. There is NO WAY HE is NOT using. No way. Dude, is a massive druggie. He is a ticking time bomb and it won't end well, THAT'S FOR SURE. Newsflash there, Charlie: YOU are still CRINGEABLE. ew.

    • Juliet says:

      Seriously ? But who are you to make statement like that ? Dr Drew ? Whatever..judge the guy by his work and still no need to judge just don't watch if you don't like it but by an appearance on a tv show with a really jerk and condescending interviewer..whatever you are really Dr Drew..i feel sad for you.

  • klm says:

    I agree that Charlie seems to still be struggling. However, Matt Lauer is really douchey. If someone is about to kill themselves, don't send Matt to talk to them, he will make them hate themselves even more, jeez.

  • Dimo says:

    Zebras can't change their stripes. And when I go to the zoo to see the zebras, I always enjoy watching the one that's coked to the gills.

  • Lucy says:

    Jenny and other pseudo 'journalists' (new flash : you are not, it needs talent for that..) maybe it is time to stop the self-righteous card toward some actors you don't know anything about except what your press friends would write (bad storytelling by the way guys) about.
    Sheen is this interview seems above all nervous and use some wit to get over it still Lauer is a rude asshole here..poor Charlie, Today or whatever this awful show is called sucks, they should be ashamed.
    That being said can't wait to watch Anger Management.

    • Jen Yamato says:

      Wait, so do I at least come out on top over Lauer here? That's all I really want. Like, in life.

    • Jen Yamato says:

      You know what -- Lucy, I do appreciate your observation that Sheen's antics seem to stem from nervousness. He has every reason to be nervous trying to mount a legit comeback after all that warlock talk and whatnot. I'm sure he *had* to do the Today Show for the sake of his career, but was he ready for it?

  • Junior says:

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