Anna Faris Basically Wants to Play Tara Reid

“If you show a woman’s mammary glands, if it’s done poorly, it instantly takes away from the comedic element of the scene. It’s too jarring. But [my husband] Chris [Pratt] and I were pitching around a character, a Hollywood-mess character on the red carpet at the opening of a movie. She’s talking to these journalists and she’s wasted. One boob is completely out, and she’s talking on and on, like, [Faris slurs] ‘I’m so excited to be here.’ If you held it long enough and kept it going, just the one boob, it would be so funny.” [BlackBook]


  • SD says:

    So....kinda like the scene in 40 Year Old Virgin then?

  • Cameron says:

    Anna, your husband is gonna tell you you're funny, because he wants you to blow him. You're not. Very few women are. Women don't need to be funny to get laid. So, like upper-body strength, it's not part of your genetic make-up.

    • Andrew says:

      You sir...madam?...whatevs, have clearly never seen Smiley Face aka The Greatest Pot Comedy Of All Time.

      • John says:

        I haven't see Smiley Face, but I have seen the Left Hand on
        the right hand side of this Tara Reid picture. What is
        that all about?

  • audrey hepburn's bush says:

    except Tara Reid knew what she was did Britney, Paris et al. They're not drunk or oblivious....They're....whores...

    • Dear "Bush", I believe you're on-target with these proto-
      women knowing what they're doing. Add the delightful
      Kim Kardashian to the mix as a proof of your point. Or,
      But "whores"'s better that "ho's", more refined than
      "slut". Perhaps we should try breaking in a new catch-
      phrase that'll be shocking, descriptive, AND politically
      correct. My friends, what about...

      KRIS the KLINGON

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