VIDEO: 'Fed Up' Tony Kaye Wishes He'd Made John Carter, Appeals For Huge Budget

The YouTube hits just keep coming today, with one rare Disney-defying treat giving way to another: Take a break and hear eccentric Detachment and American History X filmmaker Tony Kaye's candid lament for John Carter and passionate appeal for a huge budget of his own. What's not to love?

"For $250 million, I could make..." Kaye expounds, eyes beaming and hands raised. "People's minds would explode. I'm good as gold. Fucking trust me. Fucking trust me! [...] You don't give an animation director $250 million." Stick around for a wealth of storytelling about Kaye's near-miss at Disney 40 years ago and subsequent Hollywood misadventures. And maybe let's start a Kickstarter campaign or something?

[via Movie City News]