Anonymous Actress Tells Disgusting Story

I told them to quit with all the sex scenes, but noooo: "Not to mention any names, but one actor came on me during the take. I had to surreptitiously wipe myself off with the sheet. Fortunately, I liked the guy. I found it a little flattering and a little creepy. We never talked about it, so I can't tell you if it was Method acting on his part or if he just found me pretty, but I suspect I'm not the only actress who's had this experience. But I can tell you that twenty years later, when I run into him, my first thought is, There's the guy that had on-camera sex with my abdomen." [Vulture]

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  • wolfkin says:

    OHHHH... wow. 40 minutes later I finally read that correctly. I thought it said "came on to me" and I didn't understand why it was /so/ offensive.

    yeah. ok that makes more sense now.

    • Mac says:

      My guess - the guy had to be younger - back then - "things" don't work that easy - once you get older than twenty-something.

      Young twenty years ago - Affleck - Damon - DiCaprio -
      Bet it's one of those three !!

    • Andrew says:

      I thought the exact same thing - as in, what was she wiping off again? Oh... right.

      Anyway, this kinda gossip isn't all that juicy when you have no clue who either party is...

  • Jake says:

    Wait... what website am I on? I thought I hit Movieline on my bookmarks but I guess I got redirected to Gawker somehow.

    • joe says:

      Yeah, you are right we should probably ignore this along with the child molestation charges that always seem to get buried.

      • Jake says:

        Huh? What does a random blind item that probably belongs on a more gossipy site have to do with child molestation?

        • SD says:

          There have been quite a few disturbing molestation blind items recently on CDAN (republished on Gawker)

          Now we just need to set their brain trust onto solving this one.

    • S.T. VanAirsdale says:

      And look! We have trolls just as predictable as theirs! Uncanny.

      • Jake says:

        Trolls, or fans?

        • S.T. VanAirsdale says:

          You're right, that was thin-skinned of me. Apologies. Still, I'd think a fan would give us a little more credit. We've always loved these kinds of absurd, gossipy gems!

          • Jake says:

            True. You guys do have some good gossipy stuff sometimes. I think it was just the anonymity/blind item quality that threw me, so I was trying to give you some feedback in a clever way. MY apologies if I wasn't being clever and came across as a troll. I'm sure I would have felt differently if we knew who was skeeting on whom.

          • Andrew says:

            Didn't the old print version of Movieline have a blind item section?

            I could have sworn it did.

          • S.T. VanAirsdale says:

            Good question. If it didn't, then it should have. Blind items are awesome.

  • imahrtbrkbeat says:

    I swore this is why the whole foam mattress is used from time to this a myth?

  • Max Renn says:

    Hmm, movies of 1992... Let the speculation begin.

  • joD says:

    Oh gosh, big f-in' deal. Or maybe it was just wishful thinking on the part of that actress. You know, some women, even when they go to the gyn, they get "excited", if you know what I mean - but not really, it is a physical reflex. So stop thinking that way about that actor, whenever you see him, rather figure out why you are still not asking him what actually happened.

  • D.W. says:

    This would most likely be Harvey Keitel and Holly Hunter on set filming The Piano; a story about him coming on her during filming was the gossip of the day...