Can't Wait For The Lone Ranger? Jerry Bruckheimer Has the Twitter Feed For You

While Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer and director Gore Verbinski are working to turn Disney's rudderless blockbuster ship around with The Lone Ranger, Hollywood megaproducer and Twitter mainstay Jerry Bruckheimer has been busy dropping clues about and glimpses at the the making of the film from behind the scenes. If you are even the least bit interested in how this one's coming together, you could do worse than keep an eye on Bruckheimer's tweets.

Not that there's anything especially Earth-shattering going on here, but for those wondering about how and where this thing is being shot, the era of the film or even -- ahem -- what Verbinski's birthday cake looks like, then Bruckheimer is your guy!

And then there's crap like this, but it's at a minimum so far:

Anyway, now you know.


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  • dukeroberts says:

    Why are there cars in a Lone Ranger movie? Can they not even get the period right? They are going to ruin my beloved Lone Ranger and Tonto with their garbage rehash.

    • You pose a good question, DukeRoberts. The only
      thing that comes to mind as an answer is that when
      you crash horses together, they can't provide FX fires
      and explosions.
      Crashing horses would bring in the PETA folks, and
      they seem to explode off-screen.

      • Notto says:

        There was an exploding whale in Taiwan, and it blew up
        naturally in a city street. So don't count out horses
        blowing up and the heroes driving off into the sunset.
        Remember the ending of Blazing Saddles?