Noah vs. South Park: Which Seafaring Russell Crowe Will Reign Supreme?

Word around Hollywood has Russell Crowe officially committed to star in Darren Aronofsky's Noah, with the long-gestating, big-budget biblical epic making its way in front of cameras this summer. Should be great — but can it ever really match up to Crowe's legendary seafaring exploits from South Park?

The season-six masterpiece "The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer" featured the South Park kids awaiting the titular TV spot while being subjected to Crowe's reality show "Fightin' Around the World." The Oscar-winning actor/singer/pugilist traveled, well, around the world on his beloved boat Tugger, rocking and/or punching out people of various nations, backgrounds and persuasions.

This time around, meanwhile, Crowe will navigate Noah's ark through the aftermath of the Great Flood, with Aronofsky behind the camera. Oscar season 2013-14 awaits! And if you thought the animal chatter this year was annoying, just wait until Consider Tai.

[via Deadline]

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  • A boat, loaded with two of every animal. Stuck at sea for
    40 days. Can you eat the cargo??? Can the cargo eat
    One thing I've always wondered about the Noah story.
    The stench. If somebody's re-working SMELL-O-VISION,
    this is the picture to add it to.

  • Yashar says:

    They better rename Noah's arc to Noah's "Tugger" or there will be heck to pay. Heck I tell you!

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