VIDEO: Turkish Teen Crashes Skyfall Set, is National Hero

Let's talk Turkey! Ahem. Literally: The country's CNN outpost brings viewers worldwide this heartwarming story of a teenager in Adana who reportedly sneaked into a railyard where the cast and crew of Skyfall had taken up production of a fight sequence. The young man was caught, queried and removed from the set — but not before smuggling out footage of James Bond slugging it out atop a train. Yaşasın!

Honestly, from Ain't it Cool News's "discovery" of the wholly Turkish-language video to the more professional B-roll footage backing up İbrahim Ali Özden's well-placed amateur camerawork to a major news network's earnest interest in some 17-year-old who crashed a movie shoot, I'm not ready to believe this leak wasn't entirely contrived by Sony's super-savvy marketing team as the latest crumb in the Skyfall viral campaign. Still! James Bond fighting on a train, etc. etc.

Perhaps needless to say, spoilers follow — as does a 30-second ad just ahead of the news story. I can only hope you are fortunate enough to get the Turkish Head and Shoulders spot that I was subjected to, which is roughly 100 times more entertaining than Skyfall will ever be.

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[CNN Turkey via AICN]

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