Woody Allen's Latest Renamed Once More, Set For June 22

"Sony Pictures Classics announced that on June 22 it will release Woody Allen’s latest film, the newly titled To Rome With Love. To Rome With Love was a name selected as an homage to the eternal city of Rome where the film was shot on location last summer. This will be used for its worldwide release. The film’s former title, Nero Fiddled, while an appropriate and humorous phrase in the U.S., is not a familiar expression overseas and many international territories preferred a more globally understood name." [SPC]


  • TheContext says:

    Ugh, so boring. What happened to The Bop Decameron? So goofy, so memorable...

    • j'accuse! says:

      Drat. I was just going to write that. Great minds, all that...

      • KevyB says:

        Nope. I called this after the Nero ridiculousness. Woody's most popular movies lately have had the locations in the titles: Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Midnight in Paris. You don't follow those facts with a movie filmed in Rome and not mention it in the title. I'm sure the studio was behind this move, and good on them.

  • I love that picture! Woody Allen looks like somebody's
    bounced a frozen ham off of his head, and with the
    crooked angle of the photo, it's like the set is sinking.
    I like Woody's movies quite a bit, particularly "the early
    funny ones."

  • AS says:

    I'm going to go ahead and opt for Bob Decameron. I liked Midnight in Paris and all, but do we really need another love letter?