About That Time Ashley Judd Walked Off With a College Basketball Player's Phone

There's not a lot that looks like it might be able to stop Terrence Jones and the Kentucky Wildcats in their march toward an NCAA men's basketball title. But one person at least found a way to slow Jones down &— and she calls herself a fan.

Actress and noted Kentucky fan Ashley Judd apparently found her way into the 'Cats locker room on Saturday following the team's victory over Iowa State. Following some routine congratulations and best wishes for the team's upcoming trip to the Sweet 16, Judd departed... with Jones's phone. The forward announced the mishap on Twitter:

Soon afterward, Judd handed the phone off to a mutual contact in Elizabethtown with a note of apology, which Jones also tweeted:

"Catlanta"! Adorable. Anyway, watch your phone around Ashley Judd, OK?

[KSR via Deadspin; photo via Getty Images]

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