Expert Anthropologist Would Totally Visit John Carter's Mars

If only all ticket buyers were anthro majors, amirite? "If I were an anthropologist put on Barsoom, I'd try to integrate myself within the Tharks and learn more about their lifestyle. I'd definitely need to know about the current political climate first. That's always a good idea when you're thrust into an alien environment, here literally. Political unrest kept me out of Bolivia... On Barsoom, I'd be drawn to the civil war, but I wouldn't want to become involved. As an anthropologist, we like to keep our heads down in these types of situations. I actually have a shirt from my old archeology club at Boston University that says, 'Don't shoot — I'm an archeologist!' in 13 different languages. Then again, Tharks don't read." [Box Office Magazine]


  • paul says:

    Jen Yamato, I really enjoyed this article when it was ACTUALLY written one day prior for boxofficemmagazine by anthropologist, Matthew Piscitelli.

    • Jen Yamato says:

      I enjoyed it as well, which is why I linked to it here, sharing it with our readers while offering a link back to the original full article.

      • Paul says:

        My most sincere apologies, Jen. I mistook the link as a review of the film and not a reference to an Anthropologist's take on the film as I was reading it on a cramped handheld device and didn't see the quotes or the link to the source. Afterwards, I came across the full article you were citing and wrongly cried fowl when I read the last paragraph. Having reread your opening,"If only all ticket buyers were anthro majors..." I fully understand and appreciate your reference.

    • Max Renn says:

      @Paul: welcome to the Internet.