Atlas Shrugged Part II is Hiring! No Résumés Required!

Remember the snoozy, clip-art-looking ad campaign for the low-budget Atlas Shrugged Part I? Those days are over, if the producers — and maybe you or any designers you know — have anything to say about it:

Full-time position working on the Atlas Shrugged Movie Marketing team (may work remotely). Must be proficient in Photoshop and Illustrator and posses depth of knowledge in Web related Graphics and design. HTML, CSS, and Usability huge pluses. Experience with Adobe Premiere helpful. Responsibilities to include evolving the foundational Atlas brand, creating collateral and assets for print & web. DO NOT send resume.

Not very Objectivist of them! Oh, and there's a paid internship opening, too, for the enterprising youngster with the best "brief 3 paragraph essay answering the question 'Who is Ayn Rand?'" In any case, please disregard that two more new jobs were just created on Obama's watch. Thanks!

[Atlas Shrugged Blog]


  • tomas says:

    WTF does Obama have to do with it? Maybe you can make a few jobs lmfao.

    • Keith says:


      Did you mean to say, Maybe you can make a few jobs, LMFAO? Because the inclusion of the comma would indicate that LMFAO has a current job opening for someone to pick out Red Foo's fro. Must wear Zubaz pants. Must be sexy, and know it. Inquire within.

  • Adam says:

    Why isn't it "Objectivist of them" to post a job opening? I think you might just be a hater.

  • I am a makeup srtist/speialist. with 29+ years expericence. Do great stuff facially on men and wonens, cjildred, dog, cats birds - even directors and crew, if needed.Worked for Chanel, (regional artist) Estee Lauder, Clinique, Borghese, Ekizabeth Arden. First promorter of "Indian Earth" aoo years ago.

  • I really can spell. I misspelled "children" as well as artist, children,and one
    of the 1st promoters of Indian Earth" If you deed a tryout, I can help you look your gest.

  • We watched this movie totally mesperized. Looking at each othere we know where the story line was going, especially after reading the book. this story is fabulous and so clearly depicts how the corrupt government is driving successful people toward socializm. We can hardly wait for part2 in Fall 2012. Good timing. How much did the first movie gross? Anyone know? Hats off to those who have vision and depict what is now acuring and showing what the currupt media will not. Great Stuff and keep it coming!!!!