Get Excited: Piranha 3DD Has a New Release Date

For many, the Weinstein brothers' inescapable awards-season carpet bombing was mere insult added to an even more grievous seasonal injury: moving Piranha 3DD from its original November 2011 release date to the notorious TBD associated with so many well-known Weinstein projects. What did you expect, though? Madonna/W.E. Golden Globe campaigns don't pay for themselves, right?

Anyway, as befits a new inductee into France's Legion of Honor, Harvey Weinstein and his brother Bob's genre label Dimension Films are not skimping on the public service, finally rescheduling the blood-and-boobs fishploitation extravaganza for June 1. The good news? That's only two and a half months away! The bad news? That's only two and a half months away! Is there enough time and money left after handling the Bully ratings "crisis" to manufacture a PG-13 crusade for this one? How will kids at lakeside summer camps nationwide know how to best deal with flesh-rending fish infestations? Think of the children, save the date, etc.



  • The Winchester says:

    Just when I think Hollywood is horrible and full of idiots and bean counters who only care about the bottom dollar and don't want to release quality movies, something like this comes happens, and they totally redeem themselves.

    Dark Knight Rises countdown can suck it. THIS is the real movie of summer.

    • j'accuse! says:

      I think I'm going to find a tribe of pygmies to live with for the summer so I can avoid all this.

      • Hangin' with the pygmies won't save you, pal. In the
        dark recesses of your mind you'll know it's out there.... PIRANHA 3DD (sounds like a bra size for a rat.)

        But maybe these are piranha with politically correct
        teeth, think happy thoughts and are going green, and
        only swarm to eat rodents with large breasts.

  • ILDC says:

    Since the first movie was actually just called Piranha, will this one be called Piranha DD?

  • James Freud says:

    We get it.

    You hate Harvey Weinstein.

    Let it go.

    • ILDC says:

      Tell that to a million other bloggers.

    • S.T. VanAirsdale says:

      That is so painfully far from the truth. I've covered Harvey for years and know him and sincerely love him like no other industry character out there. What he has engineered for himself and his babies in the last four or five months in particular is nothing short of genius. Like literal genius -- it would hold up to any definition, any qualification.

      But it's a very complex genius: He is a businessman fueled by ego, money and pride, in that order, and his rampaging spirit often gets the better of smart people who should know better than to simply take what he says or does at face value. It is because I respect him and his vision so much that I am motivated to deconstruct it at every opportunity. And in doing so, Harvey's own motivations will necessarily be exposed for better or worse.

      Anyway, the point is that I didn't just start taking the piss out of Harvey Weinstein yesterday, and I never do it for its own sake. Historically I've been pretty fair to him. I'd bet, if he were honest, he'd tell you the same thing.