Breaking Dawn Part 2 Teaser Reveals First Look at Vampire Bella Swan

Kristen Stewart should finally get to have some fun this November in Summit's franchise-ending The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2, which sees heroine Bella Swan finally blossom into the hot lady vampire mom she was always meant to be. A new teaser reveals your first full look at Stewart as Vampire Bella flexing her new superpowers, making out with Robert Pattinson, worrying about the hordes who want to kill her baby -- you know, the usual new parent routine.

The clip, apparently taken from a Target in-store promo reel, reveals Stewart in full vampire mode: Red lips, amber eyes, pale skin, perfect eyebrows, bolder sense of self-confidence. The scene within shows Bella and Edward discussing their final challenge: Gathering enough support from the vampire community to prove to Michael Sheen's head bloodsucker crew that their little half-human, half-vampire baby Renesmee isn't an abomination of nature.

That's essentially what the conclusion of Breaking Dawn is about: Parenthood. Sigh. Compared to the teenage murder battles of The Hunger Games Bella's undead domestic melodramas don't sound quite as exciting anymore.

[via Daily Mail]


  • 2+2=5 says:

    I am a grown up, and what is this?

  • booo says:

    this is so cute

  • ILDC says:

    So it's no longer about normal girl dating a sexy vampire? Isn't that the whole appeal of the franchise?

    • Jen Yamato says:

      Well, BD Pt. 2 is the very end of the saga. Things change a lot over the course of the series. It can be argued that how Bella ends up is the version of her that she was destined to become, which might at least partially satisfy those who criticized the character's passiveness earlier on.

      That said, Katniss Everdeen FTW.

      • ILDC says:

        Can't a Twilight movie underperform just once, especially with The Hunger Games coming out?

    • Max Renn says:

      A teenage girl dating a 100-year-old man, yeah. The appeal is the romance and hype.

  • VAMP says:

    This is garbage... who cares???

  • Sierra says:

    I think it will be different seeing Bella as a vampire but we won't know what will happen until we see it, 🙂 Also all of you putting negative things about this, like vamp this is what i say to you. Hasn't your mama ever told "if you can say anything nice don't say anything at all, same thing applies.

  • mercedez hampton says:

    wow how awesome the book is i hope they include more details from the book for part 2 of breaking dawn because it had a lot of details that made your throat dry when you read about her first hunt and she is thirst when she wakes up and when she has the passionate love for Edward and Renesme. But she starts to know wat everone talks about when jacob stinks and she don't feel the connection she had witth him when she was human.

  • Tink says:

    I LOVE Twilight. I saw the preview @ Target. It waz awesome. Can't wait until the movie comes out. TEAM EDWARD!

  • akshara says:

    i love it 🙂 awesome waiting for it robsten rockssssssss 🙂 i love twilight 🙂

  • Jeri says:

    Its the ending. It will still be popular because everyone wants to know how it ends. Of course Ive read the series and know, but I like to see the interpretations on the screen. I also have read the hunger games. I will probably watch the movie. There are three books so Im guessing three movies unless they try to squeeze a fourth in by splitting one of the books. Got to make the money you know.

  • sunil pal says:

    i like u and your movi twilight

  • already read the books seen the movies and was a lilttle disappointed with how much stuff they left out, important stuff. and was disappointed on how they ended the last movie, breaking dawn part 1, on such a dull level when they could of left off on a much more interesting and exciting level, that would make the audience want to come back even more than what they already do. not your best work people.

  • Hridoy says:

    I really loved all parts of twilight.

  • K says:

    How will he love her, the whole thing was about her smell and that he can't read her mind. Now it's all over. They will be stuck for Eternity. Wont they get tired of each other? Like being with the same person forever, watching as her mom, dad, friends all grow up and die. Never seeing her family because when they are all 30 years older she will look 18 not 48.

  • Gianna says:

    Looking forward to reading more. Great blog.