Watch Mexican Cowboy Will Ferrell Sing 'Yo No Se' En Español in Casa de mi Padre

Casa de mi Padre
Will Ferrell stars (and speaks entirely in Spanish) alongside Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal in this telenovela satire, about a bumbling Mexican rancher's son (Ferrell) forced into action against a drug lord. A risky blend of straight-faced comedy and fully-embraced cliches could make for another classic Ferrell-Adam McKay vehicle... if audiences go along for the ride.

SXSWers will get a peek at Will Ferrell's Spanish-language comedy Casa de mi Padre this week in Austin, but here's a quick taste of what you're in for: Ferrell as a Mexican ranchero singing the moonlit ditty "Yo No Se" in a scene from the film, which is best described as something of a Spanish telenovela satire grindhouse comedy.

Ferrell plays Armando Alvarez, the son of a rancher who falls for the girlfriend (Genesis Rodriguez) of his brother (Diego Luna) and must defend his family from a local drug lord (Gael Garcia Bernal). Efren Ramirez and Adrian Martinez also co-star as Ferrell's ranch hand pals, who join him in a moonlit serenade in the above scene... as cowboys are wont to do.

[Funny or Die]


  • blizzard bound says:

    Now I remember what's been bugging me about the premise of this movie -- didn't Conan O'Brien have a running sketch on his show based on a character just like this??

  • Juliana says:

    Is the new blazing saddles of the new millennium? I hope this one is actually funny as it seems his diversions into drama have been more about testing his talents than satisfying any audience.

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