VIDEO: Taiwanese Animators Explain Why You're Not Cool Enough for SXSW

Those NMA TV wizards have done it again: Watch as the Taiwanese animators offer their take on the in-progress South by Southwest Music, Film and Interactive festival ("If you're watching this animation, that likely means you're not at SXSW. You're probably not even cool enough to go"). Tears, hippie DJs, 21 Jump Street, bands the rest of the world will hear about months from now... it's all here!

Okay, okay. SXSW isn't quite as douchey as this video suggests -- though the divide between the Interactive/Music folks and the Film attendees always feels like some sort of class division. But earlier today, I did overhear the following while walking downtown:

"What if pills could contain... ideas?"

And also:

"The thing is, I already have a green trucker hat!"

Here's hoping more notable SXSW '12 events happen that warrant their own NMA video. Where's Jake Gyllenhaal when you need him?


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